Loft 38

Setting the pace of the city’s nightlife is Loft 38 Lounge Bar in Indiranagar, Bangalore. Set up in Dec2013, this nightclub is well-known amongst the community for its fantastic ambiance, live performances & events, great-tasting food and very importantly, a fabulous sound system.

The exquisite and lively environment at this venue, powered by AudioLotus loudspeakers & amplifiers, sets the mood for a high-energy entertaining evening. The special events hosted by international DJs are brought alive by the 4 no’s of AudioLotus A115 Hi-Res Mid-tops and 8 no’s of the A118s Subs for the FOH. The Zone fill speakers are taken care by 12 no’s of the A8V1-H flagship Mid-top supported by 7 no’s of the A12s Subs and a plethora of VLX amplification, AC-1 Progressor in master/slave mode and Z4 Zone controllers. Also notable is the massive booth monitor speaker system comprising A112 and 2 no’s A118s Subs, again driven by VLX amplification, all in 3-way active loudspeaker configuration. A true benchmark install.

Loft 38 Lounge Bar, Indiranagar, Bangalore

Installed in: Dec2013
1st Upgrade Nov2014
2nd Upgrade Oct2016

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