The 2019 Indian General Election has been the subject of many a conversation in the recent past, with
the general public consumed with the fanfare that surrounds it. The political environment is rife with
speculation on the potential outcome of the general election, with many businesses poised to either
take off or ramp down investment in business opportunities.
True especially for the nightlife and entertainment industry, where government policies play a critical
role in the future of their business and determine potential risk on ROI & profitability. Ironically though,
while there has been a lot of ‘noise’ on the ‘decibel levels’ of nightclubs impacting peace in the
the neighborhood, there has been little said of the blaring speakers spewing out election propaganda
during the entire phase of the election campaign.
With 23 rd May earmarked for counting of votes and declaration of election results, India’s future hangs
in suspense as the drama unfolds. Log into for latest updates and trends on the 2019 Lok
Sabha election.
Signing off!

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