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Audiolotus is a professional audio system design, manufacture & install brand outfit of M/S. Rattle & Hum. A professional speaker system manufacturer, audio integrator and acoustical consultant from 1997, the company has made a mark as a top audio equipment brand in India, providing high end audio products with superior performance & reliability. AudioLotus has a rich legacy and exposure with designing equipment, in the field of acoustics, electro-acoustics, electronics & power electronics. 

The AudioLotus team has successfully designed, manufactured and installed audio solutions for over 150 of India’s top nightclubs, pubs, micro-breweries and restaurants and over 30 houses of worship across India & South-East Asia, fitness studios, educational institutions, recording studios & sound rental companies.

Perfection built over 35 years

Perfection built over 35 years of collective experience, researching & developing high resolution professional audio equipment, is reflected in our superior workmanship, seamless design and most importantly our “signature” tone.

Our design center & Lab boasts of sophisticated measurement & prediction techniques, integration of automatic control theory, continuous & discrete mathematical modeling (aka FEA), and electro-acoustical network analysis and synthesis. Our carpentry division is equipped with high precision woodworking tools & skill sets, whether manual or CNC and an integrated loudspeaker painting unit ensuring industrial quality finish.

The company has carved a niche in the professional & commercial audio industry especially in the arena of nightclubs, bars & dance studios. Our repeat installs over the last 20+ years, are a testimony of unbroken customer trust based on sustained client delight, superior product quality, unfailing performance & reliability.

Our Story

AudioLotus by M/s. Rattle & Hum is the manifestation of Roshan’s vision and is a culmination of his immense passion for audio, electronics & music, the three most crucial ingredients behind designing & manufacturing exceptional audio equipment.


Founder, technocrat entrepreneur Roshan D’Souza,  the core person behind the brand AudioLotus, started young. From his student days, he loved to experiment and won accolades for his projects. A summer crash course in electronics fuelled his passion for electronic equipment design. He teamed up with some like-minded friends from his engineering college and they spent their leisure hours building electronic audio equipment and also developing instruments for genetic research.

Choosing to tread the path less trodden and create a world-class pro-audio brand, Roshan dismissed lucrative corporate career opportunities in the likes of General Electric & Texas Instruments.

An avid music lover and inspired by U2, he coined the name ‘Rattle & Hum’ for his proprietorship firm in early 2000, under which the brand ‘AudioLotus’ was born and took shape.

While most of his business contemporaries chose the easy path of importing Chinese audio equipment, re-branding, and selling, Roshan with his core skills in mathematics, electro-acoustics and engineering, went on to design and build rock-solid pro audio equipment and tame them, setting trends in the Indian Pro-Audio industry that was heavily dependent on imported equipment.  True to his vision, today the brand is recognized as a potential market leader and formidable adversary in the pro-audio/night-club industry.


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We believe in creating truly memorable and delightful listening experiences for our clients.

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